The Telugu family names in Andhra Pradesh are said to have originated around AD onwards until they took the final shape somewhere around early AD. Reference: Talbot, Cynthia, Before AD, Velama clans probably must have been identified only through gothra as there were no family names existing around that time that is why we have only Recherla Brahma Naidu and Recherla Prasadithya etc who were identified only through their gothra.

Mang (caste)

Obviously gothra were older than family names and a particular gothra represents the genetic heritage of that clan as a whole each such clan later might have split into various family names but all the descendants are of same genetic heritage or gothra.

For example, Rajputs in North India, who are numerically large in number and spread across several Indian states, are known to scan and marry into an entirely different clan of which they are not related for past fourteen generations. It is also a proven fact scientifically from genetics perspective as to why it is ideal for one to marry into a different genetic pool. Incidence of genetic and hereditary disorders are known to be very high among the children born from marriages between closer genetic pools.

Ancient Hindus, thousands of years back are known to have married initially Swa-gothra same gothra for some time and later on at some point of time switched to marriages into an entirely different gothra going by their previous bad experiences.

In this context, it is interesting to note that Kashmir Pandits, who are Brahmins and are numerically small in number, are said to marry even today Swa-gothra.

Similar problem also exists today among Parsis of India who are Zoriashtrians by religion and have immigrated from Iran in small numbers. Hi Pradeep…! There is nothing to feel bad about this. It is the fate of our caste system that it was and is being praticed. Only the dominant caste of aregion are always respected and recognized. The same in Y. Regard to the surnames: thanks for suggesting.

I have my relatives with the surname Vujjini and Annamaneni. My name is koka jagadeesh my caste is Adi velama koka sur name also belongest to velama community …. Brother, here iam interested in searching few details about our people with my surname.

Please add this to our community surname list.Approximately 20, people bear this surname. View the most partisan surnames in The United States.

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Click here for further potential spellings of this last name. It is the 26, th most numerous surname in the world, held by around 1 inpeople. The last name occurs predominantly in Asia, where 93 percent of Surana reside; 87 percent reside in South Asia and 87 percent reside in Dharmic South Asia. It is also theth most prevalent first name worldwide, borne by 2, people.

This last name is most frequently occurring in India, where it is borne by 18, people, or 1 in 41, In India it is mostly concentrated in: Maharashtra, where 41 percent reside, West Bengal, where 20 percent reside and Rajasthan, where 9 percent reside.

Besides India it is found in 48 countries.

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It is also common in Indonesia, where 3 percent reside and Sri Lanka, where 1 percent reside. In The United States those holding the Surana surname are The amount Surana earn in different countries varies greatly.

In Norway they earn By signing up to the mailing list you will only receive emails specifically about name reference on Forebears and your information will not be distributed to 3rd parties.

Names Forenames. Login Remember me. Distribution Demographics Similar Transliteration. Surana Surname 26, th. Approximately 20, people bear this surname Most prevalent in:. Highest density in:. Surana Surname The meaning of this surname is not listed. DNA test information. Surana Surname Distribution Map. By incidence By incidence By frequency By rank. Display Statistics on:.

Earth Earth. United States United States. Surana Demographics. Surana Political Affiliation in United States. United States Average. Surana Last Name Facts. Show All Similar Surnames. Surana Name Transliterations.The Mang or Matang community is an Indian caste mainly residing in the state of Maharashtra.

The community was historically believed to be associated with Village security or professions such as rope making, broom making, village musicians, cattle castration, leather curing, midwiferyhangmenand undertaking.

Per the census, the majority of Mang lived in Maharashtra 1,with much smaller numbers in Gujarat 2, ; Goa, Daman, and Diu and Rajasthan In the early 20th century, the Mang began to form caste associations to advocate their cause, such as the Matang Samaj and Matang Society From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Descriptive articles on the principal castes and tribes of the Central Provinces. Macmillan and Co. Retrieved 14 August In Robb, Peter ed. The Concept of Race in South Asia. Delhi: Oxford University Press. Retrieved 1 December Anthropology of Weaker Sections. Concept Publishing Company. Retrieved 24 August Dalit movement in Maharashtra.

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Both Village carried HIndon culture. Surana Local Language is Hindi. Surana Village Total population is and number of houses are Female Population is Village literacy rate is Stay at HOME. Login Register.

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Surana Map. Enter Serpanch Name : Update. Edit below overview about Surana OverView of Surana Surana is the bigest village in district Ghaziabad in terms of population as well. Edit below overview about Surana. It belongs to Meerut Division. Surana 3 Nehru Mem.

Surana 4 Nehru Mem. Surana 5 Nehru Mem. Address : suranamurad nagarghaziabadUttar Pradesh. PIN- Bus Stops in Surana,Muradnagar.

Khurana (surname)

ATMs in Surana,Muradnagar. Cinema Theaters in Surana,Muradnagar. Hotels ,Lodges in Surana,Muradnagar. Restaurants in Surana,Muradnagar. Hospitals in Surana,Muradnagar. Petrol Bunks in Surana,Muradnagar. Colleges in Surana,Muradnagar. Schools in Surana,Muradnagar. Electronic Shops in Surana,Muradnagar. Super Markets in Surana,Muradnagar.

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Local Parks in Surana,Muradnagar. Police Stations near Surana,Muradnagar. Governement Offices near Surana,Muradnagar.

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Enter Your Mail id. All Rights Reserved onefivenine. City Bus. Tourist Places.Marwaris are the people from the Marwar region of Rajasthan in India. Though Marwari as a genre originated from a place name, the Marwari people have spread to many regions of India, and even to neighboring countries, as they expanded their business and trade networks. In many locales, Marwari immigrants over time and, usually involving many generations have blended in with the regional cultures.

The Marwar region includes the central and western parts of Rajasthan. The word Marwar is considered to be derived from Sanskrit word Maruwat, the meaning of maru being 'desert'. The development of the fresco paintings on Havelis is linked with the history of the Marwaris. The residents of Marwar region have been called Marwaris, irrespective of the caste. The term 'Marwari' has a a geographical connotation. So there can be a Marwari baniya and a Marwari rajput and so on.

Hence, with human tendency to speak short, the term "Marwari" caught on across India's other states to refer to a businessman from Marwar. This usage is imprecise. Other castes from Rajasthan did not migrate to such extent, so awareness about them in other states is low. Marwaris comprise the people who originally belonged to Rajasthan, particularly, areas in and around Jodhpur, Pali and Nagaur; and certain other adjoining areas.

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They are soft-spoken, mild-mannered and peaceful. These love to live together in a Joint Family. They like variety of dishes in meals. They are mostly vegetarians. Any resident of Rajasthan is called Rajasthani from a regional point of viewwhereas Marwari is a word derived from the name of the Marwar region which after independence became a part of Rajasthan state.

So, residents of the Marwar region are basically Marwaris. Hence, all Marwaris are Rajasthanis but all Rajasthanis are not Marwaris. Though Marwari as a genre originated from a place name, in more recent times the term Marwari is often used for the trading class from the Marwar region.

Religion and Caste Marwaris are predominantly Hindu, and there are also a large number of Jains. However, regardless of their affiliation, whether Hindu or Jain, Marwaris mingle with each other socially. In some cases they share matrimonial relations and traditional rituals together. The taboos which existed almost a century ago have largely disappeared while still maintaining the proud Marwari tradition. Vaishya, or trading and commerce, is the most famous caste among Marwaris.

There are also Marwari Brahmins like Pushkarnas. Language Dark green indicates Marwari speaking home area in Rajasthan, light green indicates additional dialect areas where speakers identify their language as Marwari. Marwari is also a language belonging to the Sanskritic subgroup, of the Indo-Aryan branch, of the Indo-European language family.The Charan are a caste living in the Rajasthan and Gujarat states of India.

Members of the caste are considered to be divine by a large section of society. Women of the caste are adored as mother goddesses by other major communities of this region, including Rajputs. Charan society is based on written genealogy. A Charan will consider all the other Charans as equal even if they do not know each other and have radically different economic or geographic status.

In them we have a combination of the traditional characteristics of the Brahmin and the Kshatriyas. Like the Brahmins, they adopted literary pursuits and accepted gifts. Like the Rajput, they worshipped Shakti, drank liquor, took meat and engaged in military activities. They stood at the front gate of the fort to receive the first blow of the sword. Banerjee's opinion is shared by another historian, G.

Sharma, who said that. Charans exercise great respectability and influence in Rajasthan. The speciality of the caste is that it combines in its character the characteristics of Rajputs and Brahmans in an adequate manner. Their eating and drinking habits resemble those of the Rajputs.

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Charans used to enjoy consumption of opium and drinking of liquor, practices which are also popular among the Rajputs of this region. But unlike Rajputs Charan women does not consume liquor.

Royal wedding dahiya rajoni pariwar surana

Cows are respected like mothers. Before Indian independence ina sacrifice of a male buffalo constituted a major part of the celebration of Navratri. A whole genre of literature is known as Charan literature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.We don't have any information on the history of the Surana name. Have information to share? We don't have any information on the origins of the Surana name.

We don't have any alternate spellings or pronunciation information on the Surana name. These are the earliest records we have of the Surana family. According to our database of 1 people with the last name Surana that have a birth and death date listed:. These are the longest-lived members of the Surana family on AncientFaces.

Chandra Surana lived 39 years. Leave a message to start a discussion about the Surana family with other AncientFaces Members. Sign in. People Photos. Surana Last Name. Add a photo Edit this page. Find Surana records. History We don't have any information on the history of the Surana name. Name Origin We don't have any information on the origins of the Surana name. Early Suranas These are the earliest records we have of the Surana family. Surana Mehta born Sunil K.

Surana Chaney born Amin A. Surana born Surana Family Members. Amin A. Chandra Surana. Cheryl J. Springer Surana.